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I opened my mouth and almost said something. Just almost.

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Title: Worry About You Artist: 2AM Club 6,761 plays

Broken lover, yes I made you believe that I would be the one to heal you
And if you go now, out that doorway,
I won’t say you’re wrong
But you know that I’ll worry about you

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It’s crazy how one person can remind you of all the types of things you deserve.

Sometimes we lose sight of that and honestly we deserve so much more than we let ourselves believe.

The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.

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Monsters don’t always lurk in the shadows. Sometimes they hide in plain sight.

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Loving me will not be easy. Some days I will be a stuttering apology and you won’t know how to handle all the things I’ve done wrong.

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