Random fact: I literally cried 5 minutes ago when Fab 5 surprised me with this. Thanks guys ♡ #icecreamovereverything

19. Hope everyone had a good first day of classes! #thankfulforallofyou #BDAy








Rape Escape

  • Easy and very effective
  • Requires nothing but your body
  • Includes attack

Very useful to know, pass and share please.

Worth watching

I don’t mean to impose a personal favour on you guys, but I really would like to ask that everyonewho follows me reblog this. 

I don’t think I made it very clear but last month I was sexually assaulted by someone who I thought was my friend (I don’t want to talk about it don’t ask), and it’s… really fucked with my head. 

Had I known this a month ago I would have been able to get away

So, essentially, I’m really pleading with you to reblog this so everyone who follows you doesn’t get stuck in the same position I was with no way out. 

I mean again I don’t want the point of this to be my sob story or whatever but if you could reblog this it would seriously mean a lot 

and im asking to all of my followers who see this post in your dashboard to please press play to this video, you never know when this is gonna be useful, PLEASE DON’T IGNORE IT.

This is one of the first moves I was taught in Krav Maga, and it is one of the most effective.

It took me about a half hour to get down with practice, but once you get it, it’s an intuitive movement.

Please pass this along, it will save lives.


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I think I’m allergic to people who are unwilling to broaden their perspectives.

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More good vibes here

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More good vibes here

Honestly I just want my birthday to be more than just a cake this year.

Is that too much to ask? I’m just saying it cus I’m always helping or have given my friends a surprise party or a big get together and i’d want that for myself for a change.

I get mad so easily it’s unreal.

Guess who’s back for another year at the SHU? #OGfab5 #wereback #yaysophomoreyear

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'N Sync singing an a cappella piece. Not something you see any of the current boy bands doing anymore…

One of my faves

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Bouldering with the heavy-hitters. #imaheavyhitternow #EBAandBDA #dbf #tfti #awesomerockclimbing #gelatti


*gives people advice when i cant even handle my own problems*

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